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The Scholarship
of the Jagiellonian University

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I am having trouble displaying the preview of the form. What could be the reason and how may I solve it?

Previewing the form is possible in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer and Edge may encounter trouble previewing the form. We suggest switching the browser or using the Adobe Reader.

Having been granted the Scholarship of the Jagiellonian University, will I be able to apply for other scholarships offered by the JU?

Yes, receiving the Scholarship does not exclude the possibility of being a holder of other scholarships, to which JU students are entitled.

If I have not chosen the tutor, may I still apply for the Scholarship of the Jagiellonian University?

Yes, in case of being granted the Scholarship of the Jagiellonian University, the tutor is designated by the Rector of the JU at the moment of beginning the studies by the Scholarship’s holder.


What should be the format of the attached files?

The attachments should be in the following formats: jpeg in case of photos (or scanned versions of documents), pdf in case of texts (or scanned versions of documents), word in case of texts.

May I upload a maovie as a self-presentation material?

Yes. The choice of the material and way of self-presentation is up to the candidate. We are expecting creativity from the candidates.


What is the meaning of the symbols: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, placed in the part of the form where I should indicate my language skills?

These symbols are used to indicate the level of language proficiency. A1 is beginner level, A2 – pre-intermediate, B1 – intermediate, B2 – upper-intermediate, C1 – advanced, C2 – proficient.

Admission for programmes

Do I have to apply for studies if I have been qualified to the Scholarship of the Jagiellonian University programme?

Yes, you must obtain the student status in order to be granted the Scholarship.

Where can I check whether I meet formal requirements and how can I check qualification criteria for respective study programme?

These information may be found on the following websites: and In case of doubts please contact the Staff members of the Admissions Office.