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The Prof. Franciszek Ziejka Scholarship Fund

The idea

The Fund’s aim is to support international students and high school graduates who cannot continue education in their home countries – due to the political situation there – and want to enrol in a programme of study conducted in Polish at the Jagiellonian University. It was instituted by the Rector’s governance together with the JU Senate to commemorate the scholarship’s Patron.

Professor Franciszek Ziejka (1940-2020) was the JU’s honorary professor and former Rector of our university. An outstanding historian of Polish literature and internationally acclaimed researcher in European cultural tradition, as well as an admirer of Krakow’s antiquities, Prof. Ziejka has also been an active proponent of worldwide cooperation in arts and sciences.


The monthly rate is determined by the JU Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs each year, based on a recommendation by The University Funds Council. The Council consistis of all the JU faculties', the JU Student Government's and the JU Association of PhD Students' representatives.

The Council can also offer an intensive preparatory Polish language course – lasting one semester or two – to the candidates who will not obtain the scholarship. Its recipients are also entitled to have a place in one of the JU’s dormitories guaranteed (fully paid by the student).


Foreign candidates may apply for the scholarship if they meet the following requirements:

  1. They have passed the school-leaving exam (the equivalent of the Polish matura) no more than three years earlier; or have already graduated their Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programme, or its equivalent entitling to study in Poland; or currently are the last year’s students at the Bachelor’s/Master’s programme abroad; and are not 26 years old yet;
  2. Have outstanding achievements or school grades;
  3. Have a refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland or are being under temporary protection, or subsidiary protection, on Polish territory,
  4. They also must not have studied at any Polish higher education institution before.

For detailed criteria please see the regulations of the Fund available below.

Procedures and deadlines

The call for applications for the academic year 2023/2024 takes place from 1 to 8 March 2023.

Persons wishing to apply for the scholarship should:

  1. Complete the application form (link to the form below);
  2. Submit supporting documents confirming achievements to the e-mail address:

Application forms

Application forms


Informational materials