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The Bohdan Łysiak Fund

The idea of the scholarship

Scholarship Fund for them. Bohdan Łysiak was created and supported by funds donated to the Jagiellonian University by Lidia Procyk and Anna Łysiak. They thus wish to honour the memory of their father, Bohdan Łysiak.

Bohdan Łysiak (1915-2010) a lawyer by education, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University. He came from Uhnów near Rawa Ruska (former Lviv Province). All his life, he remained true to his Ukrainian roots. He was a supporter of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation, promoted by the Paris-based "Kultura".

The Fund aims to provide financial support to outstanding students and doctoral students of the Jagiellonian University.


The scholarship is awarded for 9 months (October-June) and is paid monthly. Its amount in a given year is determined by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University (in the academic year 2021/2022, the scholarship is PLN 600 per month)

Each time the scholarship may be awarded to a maximum of 5 people.


The scholarship can be granted to:

  • a student who
    • has completed at least the first year of first-cycle studies or is a second-cycle student on programmes: filologia ukraińska (Ukrainian philology), filologia ukraińska z językiem rosyjskim (Ukrainian philology with Russian) or język ukraiński w biznesie i turystyce (z językiem rosyjskim) (Ukrainian in business and tourism (with Russian));


  • is a citizen of Ukraine who:
  • has completed at least the first year of first-cycle studies or is studying second-cycle studies on programme: filologia klasyczna (classical philology);


  • has completed at least the first year of long-cycle studies on programme: prawo (law);

and in the academic year preceding the academic year for which the scholarship is to be granted, has obtained a weighted average of at least 4.0 or demonstrates scientific activity, and has fulfilled all the conditions provided for in the regulations of studies and the program of studies required to complete the year of study on a given programme, is entered for the next academic year and is not using the conditional entry for the current year of study;

  • PhD student who has documented scientific activity in the field of filologia ukraińska (Ukrainian philology).

Competition participants receive points for the following achievements:

  • students:
    • average grade (up to 30 points),
    • documented scientific activity related to the studied programme:
      • active participation in scientific conferences (2 points for a paper, 1 point for a poster);
      • peer-reviewed publications in which the author's contribution is min. 30% (for each publication: 3 points - a publication of an international rank, 2 points - a publication of a national rank; 1 point - a publication of a university rank);
      • participation in research projects (3 points - the project coordinator; 1 point - project participant)
  • PhD students:
  • participation in conferences, seminars and scientific sessions (0-30 points):
    • an event of international rank (6 points - paper; 3 points - poster);
    • an event of national rank (4 points - paper; 2 points - poster);
  • scientific publications included in the list of scored journals (0-50 points):
    • journal with a score from 100 points and more (each article - 6 points);
    • journal scored below 100 points (each piece - 4 points);
  • participation in research projects (0-20 points):
    • the project coordinator (6 points);
    • the project participant (2 points).

Procedures and deadlines

To apply for a scholarship, you must submit a complete set of documents to the Scholarships Office by October 20 of the academic year for which the scholarship is to be awarded:

  • students:
    • application form;
    • a certificate confirming the average grade;
    • documents confirming scientific activity;
  • PhD students:
    • application form;
    • description of scientific activity with supporting documents.