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University funds

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Our Benefactors

With our Benefactors’ generosity we can provide financial support to those members of the Jagiellonian University’s academic community who most need it. A donation for the JU Own Scholarship Funds is a substancial aid for them and a chance to realise their scientific plans. 

We very much appreciate the contributions from the scholarships Founders and all the Benefactors. We would like to express our gratefulness especially for:  

  • Prof. Urszula Marta Doleżal,
  • Ms Grażyna and Mr Winfried Erhardt,
  • Prof. Randy Charles Epping – Central Europe Foundation,
  • Prof. David Green,
  • Prof. Maria Gorczyca,
  • Ms Danuta i and Mr Janusz Hamer,
  • Mr Grzegorz Murzański – the JU's Students and Graduates Foundation "Bratniak",
  • Ms Lidia Procyk and Ms Anna Łysiak,
  • Ks. Kazimierz Szkaradek – The Transfiguration of Jesus Sanctuary in Cmolas,
  • Ms Janina Zaleska-Ryng,
  • the CAN-PACK Company,
  • the Dr Marek Kanton Bank Foundation – PEKAO SA,
  • the Linklaters C Wiśniewski & Associates. 

We would also like to encourage you to support the JU Own Scholarship Funds. Please feel welcome to see our website for persons willing to support the Jagiellonian University’s pro-quality activities here:  

Become the JU's Benefactor