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Financial aid

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Applying for benefits

To apply for benefits from the Scholarship Fund you should:

  1. Complete and register the appropriate form in USOSweb (the list of forms can be found in the Common section tab, and there Applications)
  2. Print the form, complete the statements contained in the printout, sign it yourself in all of the indicated places.
  3. Deliver the printed form with the necessary documentation to the Scholarship Coordinator of the Faculty, where you intend to apply for the scholarship. The application can be delivered:
    • personally;
    • through an authorized person;
    • by sending the application and documents by post (traditional, not electronic).
Before submitting the application, make sure that it is signed by hand,
and the statements contained therein are completed.

Applications are submitted as appropriate:

  • in the Scholarships Office of the Centre for Academic Support - students and PhD students:
    • The Faculty of Philology,
    • The Faculty of Philosophy,
    • The Faculty of History,
    • The Faculty of Polish Studies,
    • The Faculty of Law and Administration,
    • The Faculty of International and Political Studies,
    • Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities;
  • to the scholarship coordinator at the Faculty - students and doctoral students:
    • The Faculty of Biology,
    • The Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology,
    • The Faculty of Chemistry,
    • The Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science,
    • The Faculty of Geography and Geology,
    • The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
    • Faculty of Management and Social Communication.

Accepting applications in the Scholarships Office

Applications can be submitted directly to the coordinator-employee of the Scholarship Office:

time: 10:00-14:00, Monday to Thursday
Welcome Center - room 1.08 (first floor, entrance from Oleandry Street)

Before submitting the application, you must:

It is also possible to submit the application in a marked box (located in front of the entrance to the Welcome Center) from Monday to Friday during the opening hours of the building.

Applications sent by post should be sent to the following address:

Uniwersytet Jagielloński
Dział Spraw Stypendialnych
Welcome Centre
ul. R. Ingardena 6
30-060 Kraków

Accepting applications by the Faculty's scholarship coordinator

The name, surname and contact details of your coordinator can be foiund on USOSweb. After selecting the Common Section tab and then Applications, a box with the coordinator's data appears at the top of the page. They are also available in the file below:

List of Scholarship Coordinators (for Faculties supported outside the Scholarships Office)

Some faculties have an enrollment system. Up-to-date information, a link to the system, and office hours can be found on your Faculty's website.

Doctoral scholarship and increase of the doctoral scholarship (not applicable to doctoral schools)

Applications for doctoral and pro-quality scholarships (increasing PhD scholarship), regardless of the faculty, should be submitted to the faculty employee.

List of Faculty employees involved in PhD scholarship and increasing PhD scholarship

Deadlines for submitting applications

  • allowance: immediately, up to 3 months from the event;
  • social scholarship (also in increased amount): for the winter semester - until September 30th, for the summer semester - until January 31th;
  • scholarship for students with disabilities: the scholarship is awarded from the month of submitting the application;
  • rector's scholarship: until October 20th;
  • a place in a dormitory: on the dates specified in a given academic year (detailed deadlines for applying for a place in a dormitory).